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Inserta Double A Hydraulics


Evolution of Double A Hydraulics, from the 1950's to today.
About Double A® Hydraulics

Double A Products, of Manchester, Michigan, developed and marketed an innovative and reliable line of pumps, valves, and hydraulic power units. Many components are still working reliably after decades of service, all over the world. The company was acquired by a competitor, and ultimately the brand was abandoned.

Double A® Hydraulics was founded by engineers who were involved in the application of Double A Products, and who are well versed in the product line. We have a significant repository of engineering data and product literature spanning over 5 decades, as well as an inventory of original products. We are also offering new products. Our mission is to support the users of the extensive amounts of components the world over through replacements, substitutions, and rebuilds, as well as to supply high quality components and assemblies for new applications.